Do All the Things You Waited To Do

2 min readMar 29, 2020


Two months ago, I would be ecstatic at the thought of a month off from school and work, staying at home, doing absolutely nothing. Thanks to COVID-19 I am now staying at home, and doing absolutely nothing.

I was tired, working part-time, going to school full time, and finding extracurricular and running an Esports organization to keep myself busy. This kept me going every day from morning to night until I would come home and settle down with some green tea to refresh my energy. At nights, I was fiddling with one project or assignment at a time until I eventually cradled myself to sleep like a newborn kitten. That was it.

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Falling into a routine, my day-to-day life began to felt purposeless. A couple of times a day, I got a short high from crossing off a task in my planner. All of this effort in hopes that I would self improve and I would be working towards a better future. What a crappy deal.

If we should take anything away from the last few weeks and COVID-19 is that the world was not ready for it. We all lived our routine-driven lives gorging down a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios before we ran out the door seeking what is sold to us as an adventure. Later, we would come home and mindlessly scroll through our social media feed gawking at Jennifer’s 24K gold engagement ring. How in the world did she get engaged? Her adventure is more exciting than mine.

Is this Fallout 4 post-apocalyptic simulation a wake up call as to how we live our lives?

Maybe. I’m not saying you should use this time wisely. You have already heard that over and over in the last two weeks. Read a book, draw, reach out to your loved ones, learn how to cook, and all those other aesthetically cute Tumblr posts being posted and re-posted on every site imaginable. Guilty.

But, what have you waited to do until you had more free time?

I teased at writing a blog post again since my last one almost two years ago. Throughout the last year, I collected gigabytes of books I promised myself I would read. There was a portfolio I have been meaning to code up. Duolingo would also be happily awaiting my return.

But even more than all those great things- when was the last time I binge-watched a show on Netflix? I can’t remember the last time I spent a whole night in a voice call with my online friends till four am. There was also a gold medal waiting for me when I finish my ten placement matches in my favorite game: Rainbow Six Siege. All those pleasures I felt guilty about.

I feel bad. When was the last time I truly did nothing and just enjoyed my time?

Do all the things you have waited to do.

Productive or not- *In the most Palpatine voice possible* do it.